Welcome to Double Dodgers , The ultimate multitasking game! 

While walking home, you are playing a game on your phone.
But don't get too fixated on the game or you'll end up in the sewers.

Unlock crazy skins by getting high scores.

Test your reflexes and ability to multitask in this 2D & 3D dodging game.
Feel free to send us your high-score!

Much Love,

Pelican Party Studios

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i got ending

no hit

This is one of the best gimmicks I've EVER SEEN!

pretty great.

High score is 3664! Is there an ending to the game or do the mom's messages stop at some point? I have all the skins but don't know if I should keep going. I absolutely love this game. It is super addicting and looks great, and I was really happy when you added the new half checkpoint system because it helps a lot. The music is also really fun and adds a whole level of immersion for the player. This is probably my favorite game on itchio. Nice job guys!


Thanks! The messages do stop at some point but it is really difficult to reach it :)


What is this game?? XD This is fantastic!     I love the idea! Keep going!


It's too hard to distinguish where your feet are and the mobile game background is too busy. This game doesn't work on Brave either.

all i see is green when i launch the game

yeah same

I got 1978!


love the idead, amazing game!


high score 3536 l;

you beat me 😳

Wow really? That must be the highest we've seen so far

Deleted 195 days ago
Deleted 195 days ago

high score 1272 :D B)


This is such a cool idea and it also highlighted painfully clearly how bad my skills at multitasking are, it was bad...

(This is the second game on the video)


great idea, spotless realization.
(maybe a mini-checkpoint system?)


i never comment in games but i had to log in just to say this game has an awesome idea

Thanks Pedro!


i got ripperoni'd


I had a lot of fun playing Double Dodgers!