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Fun Game. We finished it :)

We did it!

Can you make this a Windows Game?

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Hey, in Chrome you can visit and click the install button at the top right (  ). That will install the game as an application on your computer.


My progress for today. does this game save? I ended up playing this until 2:30 AM for some reason and i dnt wanna lose any progress.


Hey Swiggity, that's some good progress :) The game should save. If you are on a game portal you might need to enable third-party cookies.

Game portal?

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If you play on directly this should't be an issue, but it seems like you're playing on, which does have this issue because it embeds games just like other game portals. If you're using Chrome and you see this icon in the top right:  third party cookies are disabled and so the progress won't save. By default Chrome only has this happening in incognito, so if you haven't changed your preferences this shouldn't be an issue (until they change it in 2022).

On Firefox third party cookies are always disabled by default I believe. So it only saves when you play on directly.

On Safari things are a bit weird, I think safari tends to delete stuff after a while whether you want it or not.

dang, thats some progress.

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180, doing good! Glad you enjoy the game

woah the font and everything here is different

icri ;_;


bruh i've seen this( exact ) game somewhere on a kids game 

i think someone copied you.-.


Super Cute! I love the style.


lol I found this hilarious for some reason! it would be cool if there were more things to do on land or something


I love this game!! :D

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