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It's time to relax, you're a duck now, Quack! 
Swim around and rescue as many ducklings as possible. 
Dodge the reckless boats, they will hurt you.
Upgrade by retrieving more ducklings,
and get the coolest looking nest in the pond.

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Ducklings is developed by Jesper & Jurgen  (Pelican Party Studios). - 2019

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
AuthorPelican Party
Tags3D, Animals, Co-op, Cute, duck, ducklings, Multiplayer, relax, Relaxing, web
Average sessionA few seconds

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Oh, what a soothing game with cute ducks! I invited my friends to play with me and we all had a lot of fun!
The game itself is simple, and the relaxing music had some of my friends falling asleep in the middle of the game, but the development of the base was so interesting that I never got bored and was very satisfied with the game until the very end.
The children's fight over the ducks is a lot of fun, and I love how the ships roadkill each other to get in the way of it.

Played it with 2 friends, had a blast, got to the 1024 ducklings ! The ducks IA was really good, we were thinking we were playing with other players up til' the end ! Such a good game and concept !

Amazinggg we played for more than an hour... Times flies!!


My progress is gone I got like 1000 ducks😭

I can't move.  Clicking makes my duck "quack" (silently) and the camera seems to respond to my cursor a little, but that's it.  My duck stays firmly rooted in place.  I've tried to play here on Itch, and on the site; they both have the same issue.  Would love to know how I can fix this.  I've played Ducklings in the past and it was great.

what browser are you using?



can I kill the ducklings

10 out 10 

ducks are cute


I cant move (┬┬﹏┬┬)

use your cursor

Great experience, me and my wife played it last night and couldn't stop, we got to max level in just under two hours. Definitely recommended, way more than we expected for a web game.

Fun mindless game. Mine glitched out - duck got stuck in the nest and couldnt' get out. Great environmental storytelling. Those poor orphans.

i got round abaot 1500 ducklings but it got deleted :(




10/10 the environmental storytelling is great! there are so many orphaned ducklings because these stupid boaters won't watch where they're going

Fantastic and entertaining game! It's really sattisfying to steal ducklings from other ducks!!

This game was super fun!!! 

one word, DUCK

You bassicaly steal each other kids and kidnap them lol

Amazing game, got to create a duck cult and completed the game 10/10

Created a duck cult 100/10


i love this game i have the Crown ha


This is the funniest game I have played in years. Had me dying laughing, sometimes even when I was the one getting boated xD

sweet game! i love little ducks ^ - ^

Quak Quak :D


Nice game~


I desperately need a BITE function because damn those other ducks keep stealing my babies and I crave blood /j (This game is great)

Yesterday @VinnyVinesauce and his duck squad broke our game. Thanks for playing! 🦆 🐥 🐥

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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use to avoid that.

Thank you for this game! My friends and I had an amazing time being duckies :)


I love this game, It's a shame that the boats arrive so fast T-T. I like it a lot

Deleted 299 days ago

Glad you liked it and thanks for playing.  Nice rollercoaster 🦆 

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i like that game i even reached level 1000


Very fun and very addicting! Love duckie game!


I finally beat it but I haven't unlocked all the hats yet

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i've been playing for an hour with two friends, 700 ducks, we had our own village and we have become bullies

thanks for such an amazing and addictive game <3

Awesome! Thank you for playing. 🦆 


i like it but it was so depressing when 3 people teamed against me and stole ca. 30 ducks from me! i wished i could get revenge but i didnt

pelican the best


Aw man! If I could spend all day catching these ducks I would! Great game!

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