Co-op and Hats!

A while ago we added a major major update to, but I forgot to write about it on Itch. So here's a short story of what we have added and changed. 

Multiplayer support: You can now invite friends to your nest to help you out. Simply share your custom URL or press the invite friends button. If you invite someone with lower nest progress they will get boosted to the host nest stage. Hat progress won't get affected. There is no limit to the maximum amount of players you can invite, so go crazy. In-game you can find your friends by a little indicator. 

Karma system: We implemented a karma system, ducks will keep score of how much you steal their ducklings. If you steal a lot they will target you, otherwise, they will try to avoid you. After angry ducks still from you the karma points will get back to normal. 

Hats: We added 46 unlockable hats for ducks! If you upgrade your nest you will be rewarded with a hat. You can change your hats by quacking close to the nest (spacebar/tab touchscreen). There are more hats than stages, after you reached the final nest stage every 50 points will get you a new hat again. You can show off your hats on multiplayer. 

New Nests: There are now over 32+ nest stages, at the end, it gets pretty wild because the ducklings get a rollercoaster. 


Hope you enjoy the update!


Pelican Party Studios

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