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Idk how anyone still plays this game. 

I'm out

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im out too

same im out but only staying for the good ones like yall


Absolutely crap this game. I know remember why i left.

Stupid match making. 

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Dang! I missed the the Itch/Discord War part 3. I really shouldn’t go to sleep.

haha i woke up knowing there was a raid i never get 10 replies at once

bro their egos need group defense. Catch 'em in the wild alone and buhbye. hehehe.

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ikr 8 downvotes is crazy. and they said im cancelling them when they outnumber me🤣

they also kicked me out the 2s server. couldn't stand the presence of me.

just ignored it all, i got condemned on discord too.

all because i had a different view


idfk wich side I would choose


Open Up, Far-lands! I just wanna talk!

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it's ok if he don't open da noor ik how to make battering ram

Tf u said bruh ?





guys, there is an new Pro Account Community! We need to get full fearless again. Please help me and my friends. Link you‘re accounts, like I did. (Just reply if you wan‘t login)

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They unlink me so I have only 1k. Pro communication took my 20k.

this is true. I know who unlinked. I lost 33K and fearless handle. But I would like to have new full fearless. I talked with technoblade never. He also lost many of his own stuff. He wan‘t to get all back. But not alone, with many other peoples

what i don’t understand

Bro wth i was in m8m6 and there was no one execpt for me

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you are trash

Why did I do what?

pls sm1 help me get party torso 



Bro just download a hack. Save the torso to a present and boom

dude wdym what hack do i download

never learns🌕


bro never learn


Party shirt coming may 11



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hell naw not 2s spammers

elite tryhards bruh

even ppl on the 2s server don't like him


prolly on sum rich ahh fps


when i get my pc ill cap my fps to 60 so i don't stoop down to these people's levels


Fair enough


omygawd you hav better fps than me?????? How dare you 😡!!!! I’m cancelling you online!!!! I can’t believe you have better pc than me, you disgusting smelly hamster!!!! 😡 

-bowboi 2024


Hell naw. 2sbegining to talk shit to all


Team 2S


Lol ty



brother thinks he’s god once he has 60 fps 💀💀

at least i can live on 30




1. Flower is not a spammer , she literally using spear and bow 3 

2. wdym elite tryhard? you mean you're too shit at the game to even compete with her? dumbshit

3. htf would you know if people in 2s dont like her? who tf do you think you are? neek

4. So having good FPS automatically makes them a bad person? you're so dumb lmao, just say you're too shit at the game at this point. 

Talking to both of you btw, kranky and boobooboi


Fun fact-who asked?


i wasnt talking to you was i? why do you feel the need to butt in when someone isnt even talking to you? are you that desperate for attention? lmao what a loser


lmao i wasn't even talking with you in the first place

What you getfor insult me being noob

exactly bruh

Deleted 5 hours ago

1. If you call bow 3 + long poke spamming you might as well call using any weapon spamming, slowest of both bow and melee and you somehow call her a spammer (please cry harder)
2. Just because someone is better than you dosent mean you can call them tryhard, once again, just get good.
3. Are you in 2s? Dont see your name on the member list. (Thank the lord)
4. Ok so we’re apparently scum of the earth for having better devices that run on potatoes. Nice.
5. You’re making your low end performance pc your entire personality and reason for anything wrong you do in the game. “THIS KID SUCKS IF I HAD 60 FPS ID SMOKE HIM!” “HE ONLY LOST BECAUSE IM RUNNING ON 20 FPS

reminder to ingest your daily dose of copium.


Lol now cry child

We never gone discord to insult 2s but u came to insult us lol child these days are so weird 🤭🤭


im crying? Thats crazy because your friend here is crying because he got destroyed

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.... He isn't crying he said he(flower) is a try harder but u (2s) peoples came here to

And yes ik about flower he is too pro.

Imagine someone call mind(u) or kuro is a noob u believe it? Really 



U came here just for farting? 💀


cry cry and cry lol 😂 😂 😂 

Deleted 5 hours ago

Nope they like flower


Poor you


I think I need to lie down


blame the matchmaking not the players

finally someone from discord who has a fair point


Look who didn’t pass the kindergarten spelling test 😂 


boohoo keep crying 


Yup go cry child

you have negative iq or what? Can’t even comprehend 1 sentence? I bet you can’t even understand this sentence yourself 💀


Oh yes I forgot uhh 😖😖 , u not have even any single brain cells uhh sorry.


I pity how stupid you are sometimes

hi bowtodaking


back to memes i am

:( sm1 pls help me get the "you shall party" shirt i been askin for help since 3 days ago

U have discord?

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no :/

sm1 was helpin me but then at the last step he told me to do i got kicked from the squad and i cant join his squad anymore >:(



Bro guest 5570 is such a bot. 1st real match ive played in ages. Gg



Itch captcha test be like:

Are you a bot?






Me & bro where too good so all the blue team left lol



This girl is very good I'm see him she have power🔥

Lmao 🤣



snow :Dain’t no way from December to February there was no snow and it came at march?! Me and the boys had a blast at school we played snowball fights and we shoved so much snow down everyone’s top hehe




You have cool car


when i try to get the you shall party shirt i dont get it

will it just appear in the shop or do i have to buy it or something?

Guys. I am thinking on something. Why the kids help phone is chating EXACTLY in chat not some other?


because 99% of itch kids need therapy

Hell naw




Fax not me tho lol

99% of n1 players too


happy leap day 

8 & 11 😎😎

u turn 3 today?  :)


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what the hayl is this matchmaking bruh

wimpy ahh sweats and only one retarded ass for me (Limit one like the grocery coupons are we serious rn)? can't even go offense, once i try they just gonna spam the hell out of you and you can't return flag bc guess what? return time increase was such a genius update because it make it heaven for anyone who's got a hive mind team (only mind on my team is mines)

also my pet of 2 year 2 months (he was such a good boi) died that's why im playing 

at least i made 600 coins in 3 games lol

grocery coupons 💀 


In France it's like this when I play with my buddies in Public Squad, but I play 1v2 (see below).

normal bro its not even that bad............

only end of game screenshot it was a 1v5


can someone pls help i changed the date to march 11 and reloaded but still didnt get the shirt that says "you shall party"

idk if im doin it wrong pls help me

it's 5/11

oh ok XD been doin it wrong the whole time 

will it just appear i the shop?

Hi Everyone 

Hi Havoc For Rome

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A 1v1 (sniperboy saw the game XD)


A 1v2 (with the same guy and another friend)

And 2 wins 

Dijbyy became best guys 

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Yep it's 1v1 because I'm brown team and good job 🔥

Thanks I don't know if the game was very visual so if not I apologize. 

Da fudge



Vote down all of Kids help phones posts



Hello FE4R SW, we appreciate all feedback, and our goal is to help and support everyone. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us directly so we can better understand and address them. Thank you for being a part of this community.


they should add a crown like this

there is one

already have one

a tiara?!


can somene pls help me log back in to my pro community acc? i dont have dc so i cant talk to anyone in oa or pro community

pls help


we lost all our stuff anyway it won’t help

nah the oa account had every single gear

Bro! Stuffs are still there they unlike u


Thanks for playing sorry my friends isn’t Good 

No prob


Gatehouse selfie #1

I live on the right green hill next to the trees. In fact I’m waving my hand to the camera.

guys when i change the date to march 11 and i restart i still dont get the shirt that says "you shall party"

someone pls help

U are in mobile or pc?


Then idk 😶 😶😶


 well someone else pls help ._.

Use this:

the heck is this for


i finally made it 

yay 🎉 good job bro :)) 

ay good job, but... fast forward to 1:03 in the video...



how can that be spamming if it's 80% hit accuracy? not to mention crazy delay

congrats!!! 🎉 


weird images from when the game broke today :)

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nah blud's hp quadrupled 💚⬆400%


you should have seen it when i was using bow 2 i was dealing out 2 hit kills with “bow 4 “




Alr lets see what meme we could take once to itch

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