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The evil priest has been caught once again on camera, Researchers say the evil priest is Platon. The evil priest has changed his skin tone meaning he has gone through DNA Surgery. He is seen clearly in the image that he is using a bow which means he has killed an innocent person and snatched his bow!


I left for 2 days 2 days and what the actual fuck happened 

I’ve been scrolling for the last 30 mins and I’m still confused someone pls fill me in on what the fuck happened here

don't know

I am inactive for 12+ hours (sleep + school + other) and don't get it, for example, the greyhowl thing

no u

Its my bros bday 🎉

great!Happy Birthday then

happy bday drago’s brother


join and your gay


no u

QQPM join or ur gay 

so if i dont join ill be like you

no youll just become what u think i am

and i think of the truth

well ur truth is false

it was made by kiju so you're false


I won't join, and I am NOT gay!

whatever u say


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random thing i made cuz i was bored:



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                 NARROW UNION                                       ANNOUNCMENT!


Apparently, under some circumstances, Dragonair thinks that he deserves the overall ruling of the NU, turning it into one big clan.

The NU Council members will discuss this matter in a private meeting within an N1 squad code.

Council members, post the best time periods best for you below this comment, and the meeting will be arranged.

ok , i can vote after 4:45 wild wild west time.

uhh, I forgot what that is 😅

uhh gmt -6??


In the west

I saw his post, that's kinda an abuse of power... pretty sure it was to be evenly ruled.


ey can u squad we'll vote over this drago thing,


me and 70

what other bullshit are you gonna pull out of your ass this time?

Yeah yeah, we know what you have to say, idiot.

Oh you do? ok say it then?

No matter what you say, It doesn't matter 🤣

desperate people 🤣

But you said you know what I would have said? Now your refusing to say it? uhm ok?

U would say: Havoc, ur right and im an idiot

Uhm no but ok?

omg u said a swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playin N1 rnsry its a lil sunny outside today

face reveal

You don't fear a face reveal without being popular ? Bravest netizen I've seen

The bravest.

ye lol



join BW48 pls


andy got scared abt a 1v1 between me and him and he just left :/ the 1v1 will prob never happen if he continues being a coward like that

aww ☕



what did he say, did he refuse or smth? evidence? lol

he said someone else should fight me instead of him and after that he left without any reason. he did not refuse the 1v1 just left and never came back.  couldnt get anything from chat

I see, he's ignoring you in order to not make any mistakes in chat. If i had time ill fight you again

it'd be nice to see some evidence. at least i'm willing to fight you 😅

there was many witnesses. wolfe, kits and maybe 7 more ppl idk

yea im asking if there was vid footage or chat screenshots. he's quit me personally even when i was a NOOB! so idk what to trust here :/

i didnt get any

Ooof, what a coward.

just know that if I ever 1v1'd you, I'd at least try to fight.

i fought platon, it's not impossible to kill him, even with the .4 graphics and the 35 fps, it's not hard

Well, of course it's easy to kill him a few times, but to beat him in a 1v1?!

never. never once

yeah bc my playstyle kinda requires to get me killed atleast once if the opponent is semi decent

yeah, but i can't deny your strength lol

common Andy L ngl

join JQQL pls



Hello, Madara!

For Rome!



Im the owner of the clan bro. Put me where 70 is

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It was never decided that you are the "owner" of this alliance.

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ye, the NU requires check and balances, including even ruling.

Me and 70. and you are the council

 . . .

You're DC's owner, not the NU's it works like the UN lol no one rules it unanimously. 

Yay, 25k to go!

niceee, bone bowskin?

tip: use 2x(or not) and get 1k every day, and you get fearless in 3 months.

Thx for the advice.

no prob

noice im tryin to get fearless assult bow skin, and i hav 5k to go

awesome, I'm trying to get the same.




I would like to hear your thoughts again, Havoc

Haha, alright, let's see :)

Alright, first things first, It's already MUCH better than before. It's so much smoother, and these transitions are done beautifully. But there is one thing that broke it for me.



It's just weird, and I don't like it one bit. Other than that, this is a really well done short, and I hope you make more like these!

I mean, minus the weird switch :)

oh yes, That was intentional, but yeah, I think you're right! Tysm for the feedback!

No problem, Sandow! Thanks for giving me the chance to review it.


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If you wanna know more about my original name is, my name is Shelah, and it means peace, also my username on here is Tiny because I got that nickname from (on my dads side) grandmother


Thx for noticing ^^

(gladihoppers) multiplayer code is ffff



nobody there.



Anyone got a code?

je suis dans le collège saint spire

j’ai que 11 ans l’anglais c’est dur pour moi 

This is a pretty cool game, I love getting all the kills it's really fun

Yes. Obviously

ur personal kills rec? mine's 113

Wow that's alot ... So far 40 somthin kills



Hey everyone I'm kinda new here 

Hello there!



See u on narrow 1 sometime bowboi?



sus dragonair inposta



ye, score = 0

flag power levels 1000!



Oh god.. 


(gladihoppers) multiplayer code is ffff

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make sure you have bleach so they can't gather data from the dna tests




To Low

POV: U base your whole personality of being a toxic slag


yea, very useless slag

Now, these are fax.

yooooo!!! Words!

Pelican party! @maximilien2011 ask to add a list of friends. 

Who can tell me how to get in touch directly with the developers of narrow one? ( Discord, itch, Twitter,.... Idk)

Discord chat with jurgen

Ok thx

(1 edit)

may I join the N1Clan


join us

So yes or no? Cause Jester said no

Jester isn’t apart of N1

ok then, thank you

hi guys good morning ☀️ 


U need some rlly good skills for that, man


Hi nice skin

thanks bro

Good morning.

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Zephyr tu peut demander de mettre les amis 

(2 edits)

Oui je l'ai déjà fait. Je vais réessayer, mais parfois le développeur ne répond pas.

Il faut que tu essaies de parler anglais. Ici les joueurs viennes de toute la planète, Russie USA France Chine..... Et on parle anglais 

Hey!! My friends, where do you come from, what is your country?? 

Well, I claim Russian nationality, but I was born and raised in the great United States of America.

je suis que en 6ème l’anglais c’est dure pour moi 

qui peut demander de mettre les amis 


yee what's this

a ghost.


It's you after your game 

lol i love this gif i've saw it before

Narrow one doctors after using sleeping gas instead arrows








Fake noobs be like:

if you see one in the default knight armor and king boots then it might be me

Oh, nice

Anyway we can see your nickname...

ur so stupid

U too

Speaketh to the Real N1 God as such?! Sacrilege!!! Heretic!!! 


UCG undercover guest mode

Guys, I just read all your messages. 

Calm down! Don't kill each other! 

I'm sorry if my lgbt bowboi pfp brought out so much hatred. 

We are here to exchange and have fun on narrow one! Not to hate each other. ( Platon Also 👀) . 

Everyone has their religion and opinions. 

Yeah, thanks, Zephyr.

🙏 Amen

it's fine

Thus spoke Zephyr…



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