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been trying to get in a match for around 8 mins wondering if the sever is down.

ah yeah the server is down again. Thanks for letting us know. 


love your game its really fun.

Hey, it's taking me forever to get into a match. Been waiting 5 minutes and haven't got into one.

Usually it's almost instant it matches so quick. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Hey thank you for letting us know, the server broke down. It should be working now

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Hey, if you can, make a notice box under "Shop"  for players to know when the server is down and we will all get a notification when the server is down(only if we all agree to the notification option asked by the game when the notification box is made)

when you make trailers do you join a random server and start recording or invite ur friends and record


Usually we record it together in random matches. I just follow my friend around until something cool happens

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Very fun game Pelican party, but I wish there were different game modes. Here are my ideas, 1. Battle royal = fight till last person standing wins, 2. Practice mode and 3. Hardcore mode=if you die u will lose your world. And when u kill a enemy maybe they can rag doll instead of disappearing? And finally, SUB TO PELICAN PARTY ON YT


We really want to add rag dolls for dead players, we just didn't get to it yet. We would eventually like to add more game modes, hopefully they can fit the current maps. Something like Hardcore mode, payload, or king of the hill mode?

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Hi Pelican Party I also have a problem, my audio keeps crashing 


src pls lol





Pl add special arrows for kings suit.

And also add more weapons and different modes of games. Because it is becoming boring playing the same way.

More weapons like swords, daggers, etc etc, right? I also want that too. The larger the tool/weapon, the more damage will the enemy get if struck by it

Now you should add more suits.


I have all the suits


Really? You have everything? We will be adding some new skins soon

Thank  You and I really have every thing.

Great game btw.

Thanks, glad you like the game. We've added king boots for the kings set yesterday.


i found a glitch: when i touch the flag and die, i respawn with a flag

Hey Khang, thanks for letting us know. We will fix this soon


for me the glitch still works

Here is are some  idea

Add vehicles like carts pulled by horses,or just horses etc.

Maybe add mounted weapons around the map like heavy crossbows

Add more weapons

Maybe you can add fire sources that allow us to light our arrows on fire and cause fire damage to the enemy 

For the upcoming game modes

I would like to see a full out war on a HUGE map ,something like Battlefield, with the objective to capture different areas , like area control.This is also where the ideas i mention above comes in.

Another game mode can be what I like to call Siege  ,where one team have to defend their castle while the other team have to escort a battle ram to the enemy castle.the defending team wins if they are able to keep out the ram until the time limit ,and the attacking team wins when they successfully destroy the castle front gates with the ram

I hope that this ideas does not change or unbalance the game,if they don’t ,I would like to see them in the near future


Super fun!

I had a ton of fun! Very clean art-style, quick lobby joins, good movement and good concept. I’ll be recommending this to friends for them to try.

I see character customization has been added. I have a suggestion, maybe you could make it so the more armor you have the more defense, but the less armor, more speed? And then there could be a balanced, inbetween outfit.

Hi I just found this game and I love it but can u add more game modes like team deathmatch and deathmatch and also can u add a character customization menu 


Hey. We are currently working on character customization and a shop, but this will probably take a while. After that, we might get into some different game modes. 

Will you add nicknames?


Yes at some point we will. First, we will add map selection and match-making. 

Thanks for reply!

this is super fun

you can fall thru the rocks at the windmills and cant get out

Found it! Thanks for letting us know. We'll fix this very soon.

Fixed! The new version is live, thank you.

I dislike the new map, the one with the village. Nothing particularly interesting about it and nothing stands out. Maybe add some new memorable things so you can orientate yourself better. Great game tho.

-sorry for bad english

Hey, thank you for the feedback. I'm thinking about adding two small churches to the town square. Hopefully, this will help with the map's orientation and make it more interesting to explore. I want to make the church climbable from the inside with a ladder so you can snipe some from the tower. What do you think, would this solve your issue with the map? Cheers

Great idea. But there should be two ways to get up so you can surprise the snipers.

Hey, I've worked some more on the map, we got churches in the middle, some different routes to explore, and more possibilities for climbing. I hope you like the changes, let me know what you think. 😃 

I have a suggestion for the game. An account system. It could be used to track player statistics, friend other accounts, and choose the map you play on.


Is there an estimate on when the party system will be released?


Either next week, or in 4 weeks. But we'll have to sort our priorities a bit.

ever since last night ive been lagging, but before it was fine


Are you talking about network lag or is your framerate low?


This game is awesome and it was working fine for me yesterday, however, the mouse keeps glitching out and moving all over the place. Anyone else having this issue?

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I have this issue too sometimes, I think it might be related to the framerate. What browser are you using?

I'm on Google Chrome

Super fun game, hope y'all keep working on it!!

I heard that you were planning on creating closed rooms. That would simply be amazing. I can't wait to play with my friends


cool if the other player hadn't the level of a 6 year old


yeah more ppl just have to find and play it

I love it!

Hello pelican party i am having issues with the game it is just showing a black screen and there is a bar going a cross the screen saying game does not exist 

Hmmm. What browser are you using? Can you try the game with a different browser? 

I am Using Google Chrome  and 

Cool game! Well polished, plays really nicely, the choice of weapons was a big surprise. Does need some more features, but still, it's already an enjoyable experience.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! We have a lot of plans for new features, but feel free to send us your suggestions. 

I'm not a fan of shooter games, but this ones fun! It reminds me of but I like this one better. I'm also very impressed with the frame rate!

Honestly, imma keep it a buck 50 with ya, the games good. Maybe in future updates this will really become something.

This game is really fun, sometimes I feel like I am a God “b-hopping” around and using the triple shot bow, though I think there should be some balancing.

Does this have actual players, or simulated multiplayer like some of the other .io games?

Everyone is an actual player, we don't have bots. 

no really, wow that's really cool, did you ask your friends and other people to play or at first their were bots and slowly you started to remove them, also what if there was a mode in you you could play with bots to just have some fun? and this is a really fun game, would play often


Yeah, that’s it! At the beginning of development, it was just the two of us testing stuff out. Later we invite friends to play matches with, and after that we introduced it to our discord.

At this moment you can't play with bots, simply because we never programmed any bots for this game. In the future, we want to give you the option to create closed rooms. So you can invite friends, and try out some stuff there. 

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oh really NICE, this is a really and fun game

ps how often d o you update the game and where is the game server located?

pps what if there was a indicator when you a enemy other that the enemy turning red and I don't understand the 2nd bow which shoots out 3 arrows, and how many maps are the and my last question, will there be melee class or is there only going to be ranged classes

Thanks! We have different servers depending on your location. The game will be updated regularly, we (2 persons) are working on it every day. 

We are tweaking the bows, the 2nd bow will probably change this week.  

At the moment we have 3 maps, more coming soon. 

We don't want a specific melee class but we are planning on adding swords to every class. 

you have successfully did it :D

In that case I'm super impressed with the speed of getting into games, drop in drop out like this is great.

but some of the players are acting stupid like one was just running into a wall repeatedly 

Yeah, and never leave the spawn-area 😔

This is a really fun game and I cant wait for the update. I really hope it gets more popular because I keep seeing the same types of players. This is krunker level game.

game is amazingly fun maps are fun to play 3 games played  2 of them lose but very fun. 

It is a verry good game with much potential! you guys can add skins levels and more! i hope you guys put efford in updating the game! But i alreaddy like the game. Greetings Daan

Hello Daan thanks for playing! Yeah that's the plan, more maps, skins, and more weapons. 😀 

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Nice game,very well made,doesn't lag even tough i'm using linux,very nice.

This is really nice! Love the game :)

Thank you, glad you like it!


Nice game


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First ever comment in history.  Of this game.

Now it became obvious that I was right)))

haha, yeah.



Wow... First comment to ever exist... I think I'm going to check out N1 History, see when the community really started to take form...

k good luck

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Here we go

now im part of the first comment 

me 2

Same :)

Also me

and me 

nice first comment

first comment of itch


Da first! Nice game yeah




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