Battle players around the world with your bow and arrow. Defend your castle against invading foes. Steal the flag with the help of your teammates and win the battle. Narrow One is a multiplayer medieval-style bow and arrow shooter, 5v5. Explore the different maps and find the hidden shortcuts. 

  • 6 different bows. with customisable skins
  • 50+ different melee weapons
  • 17 unique maps 
  • Over 200 different unlockable clothing items 
  • Seasonal content
  • Touchscreen & gamepad support
  • Team up with your friends, in squad mode

For best experience play here:

Feel free to join our Discord to tells us about your feedback:

Narrow One is developed by Jesper & Jurgen  (Pelican Party Studios). - 2024

Pelican Party Studios
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(637 total ratings)
AuthorPelican Party
GenreShooter, Action
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Three.js, Adobe Illustrator
Tags3D, Archery, Fantasy, First-Person, Medieval, Multiplayer, Team-Based, Versus
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Textless
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

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Double dodger reference!


the well in fields 

oh k ty

rate the drawing :)


thanks bro



n43 x

ggs broken and brother 2

wait that was brother 2 ?!?



ok i guess we're gonna push squad game to 6:30 pm cdt on thursday because nobody can make it on friday

ok doki

thats perfect! Thank uuu!

also the code will last around 30-40 minutes, correct?


hm good point 


nah me and hunter got no time today






man what did i do why did u downvote?? 😢


Hello welcome to the narrow one itch chat !




o mine got


um... bwuh

urm…what da shigmah?





U wont like this 70, but new clan alert! Popoff clan! To join u need to be better than me, so anyone can join ( cuz im ahh 💀)!


Popoff clan sounds 🔥 


it is ur already in 🥶

join code if u can pls


nah nvm

ima join if u dont mind


Me too if I can



sry I was studying 

its oki

@brokengod or anyone wanna play?

bowboi, can we do the code @7:00 today? Hunter has stuff to do that ends at 6:20

and it would be better for all of us i feel

I agree

um hunter said ur dead...


im not lying, i think it was a fake tho...

u mean that i was dead?

ehh, we i got 40 minutes that day, ill push it to 6:30 leh


Thanks so much to @bowboi for following me!! Yeyyeyeyeyy







Photo with OG 

does anyone remember the pelican church?


and the griddy gods?💀🥶


🥶 those were the good ol days


those were some fearful days

(1 edit)

New low: this guy, disconnecting before each deah to keep low death score. Lol.Guy

(1 edit) (+4)(-2)

Official 30 followers!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊(thanks to blat hehe for the final follower!)

here is a real life presentation as I promised: I am a 13 year old Chinese who lives in Quebec Canada.  thanks to all for for supporting me all this time!


Ask me question about me I will answer them (no personal questions pls)!


what is ur fave bows in order favorite to disliked?


bow 1, bow 2, bow 4, bow 3, bow 6, bow 5


Actually it depends on what occasion you use the bow



on a scale of one to ten what is you favorite flavored color of the German alphabet. Yes or no




yeah amongus


blat hehe is hunter but on my dads phone 💀





(1 edit) (+1)

bruh, still thanks thro

Im qoo 2


qoo is rich 

he wouldn't post about getting 25k coins

Is it morning or night for you guys here where I am is night

Me sunny ☀️

I got 25K! 


Hello guys

Hi how are you

I just found this on youtube 


brain rot moment



i meant WGGZ

it dont exist new code pwease

grr i dont like waiting


feeling much better btw guys :D still a little sick rn but getting better i have to do summer school tmr T`T waaah and i have to pay 50 bucks back to my parents >(


why do you have to pay them, if you mind me asking?


well i kinda didnt do my school stuff now i have to do summer school




starsket, brother 1, brother 2, brokengod, gray wing, hunter, krank,

we decided we are gonna play n1 with squad on this friday, 6:00pm  CDT again.


rarharharharrhahharhrahharrahr my parents come home frome vacation that day or the one after, so is it posibly maybe tommorow? 😥😢

i agree, bowboi if u remember i cant play on fridays. i would eather tomorrow at abt 7:00 - 8:00 my time

seven would be good for me

ok, would 6:00 pm cdt be good?

ok, thursday 6:00pm cdt.

rarrarar 7:00

please or hunter wont be able 2 make it


(1 edit)

ohhhh yeeeeee sure (i don’t mind if it is Friday or tomorrow)


rip 🙏

how about thursday 6:00pm cdt?


code please anyone?



feels like so long ago when this would be seen as a glitch or hacking... now its possible lol






gg with bow 5


Bow 5! Wow the most kill I got with bow 5 is 3


music thats pretty cool #1 Funked Up slowed

Why am i saying this? Idk




is this a spin off of phineas and ferb


dam that’s crazy bro

Next time keep it to urself 


Why is bro so toxic 💀💀💀


cause I am

I got banned again 1 week from DC for saying the n word

He racist af



that ain't bob the builder that robert the demolitionist

That ain't Robert the demolitionist that's Rick the scientist

that ain’t Rick the scientist( Rick and Morty reference lol) that Josh the lawyer


They're staring into my soul


At this point maki jokes about itch beeing dead ai t funny anymore


but it is dead.. most games are dead

I lost my party shirt :(

noooo :(


T I ME   T R A V E L

Works for you

Deleted 1 day ago

First download the extension IndexedDBEdit:

Link here: IndexedDBEdit

Then go to: Narrow One

Create a new preset

Then press "echap" if you have a windows or "esc" if you have a MacOS.

Select IndexedDBEdit

Click on keys then keys values and scroll down

There is your preset ID

Something write is "peasantBody" or something like that.

Delete ONLY this text and remplace by "narrowOneBirthdayBody" then click on ur page (narrow one) and reload


can you do the same thing to get bloodlust 🧐😈

nah it's prolly only gear you own (bday thing is free)

Awwwww 😢

Deleted 1 day ago

hello naju tu te souviens de moi ? Enfin je pense pas (jt heliox et j’ai changer de compte). Mon collège a bloqué narrow car il ne voulait pas. D’équipe de e-sport dessus donc bon j’ai bien le seum si t’as une astuce je suis preneur

what if you have chromeos bruh

fr fr

Fr fr fr

How about in mobile

Ty Naju you are the best yt


guys im sick pls pray for me T`T im quite miserabl

(1 edit)

Aw sry sis :(

Hope you be better

get better soon girly ☕️

good night to pelican party

guys i found m8m6…

It’s all fun and games in a random gust match when all of a sudden godslayer, snadow blackmill, Costa, and t7 join the other side fucking decimating everything that you’ve built up that game lol.

on top to the 5 tryhards you're already barely managing

N1 jokers kd💀

(1 edit)

Bro I just realized his kd🤣🤣🤣

bro is a joker for a reason (even has full regen gear trying to save his goofy ahh💀)

lol fax

(2 edits)

since it couldn't hold any smoother i capped my fps to 30 with energy saver to see how well i could do, would've won with if only they didn't teleport a flag to spawn  . . . i didn't even get my coin for the kill! 

at least my k/d got a redemption unlike them

sry.... i joined for a second but i had to get ready for bed. btw were u actually in that squad?

yea ltr on but found nobody

yo who wants to play with me :D for a bit?

mee 😈😈😈

oki imma make a code :


Sorry gal 😢😢



(1 edit)

bruh 3 spammers each causing 100 ping is crazy

on WALLS too (thing capped on 30fps like a nintendo switch 💀)

Ah the sweet teammaking 


"oh 3 bows shooting for one team against the one should be pretty even" 




take pictures where u win obviously

star is thinking outside the stop motion 💀 

Or inside? idrk 

wdym i can't just take picture while 1v3ing

bruh its a joke. u know how u take pictures to make a stop motion? (trust) TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET, TAKE PICTURES OF U HITTING THEM AND INSERT THEIR DEAD BODYS. also if ur internet turns off, u lag for the other players so they cant actually kill u cuz ur not actually in that game anymore ( this is from expirience)
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