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How are you ? Here is the video of your skins, sorry if you're not into it...

See you soon :)

Dang it


Awesome! Thanks a lot!

I missed the train!!! :(((((((






Hello there.


lol almost got them all(where is hills and temple)

ik, both of them, I can help


i can help

A whole new wave of people just joined itch. One of them is an gay addict. another is mean. I'm not seeing any old friends other than clint. But hes shoving the godamn bible and "christianity" in my dic throat


Me...? Bowboi? All the people who joined about the same time as you?

we came a few months later.

oh, I forgot. 

Ahh, you are sorry Dragonair, you will go to hell if you do not repent of your sins

Clint, I have learned one thing. ***condemning those who are condemned is a waste of energy. Let God sort them out. Just be kind and advise those who lean in for advice. Change must start from within. Telling a wall it will be bombed doesn’t give the wall legs or a brain. So stop yelling at walls and start talking to people that yearn for change while offering your rope to all indiscriminately. Good luck, Christian…

***Disclaimer: I believe…

Yes, you are right you spoke wisely, the bible says in proverbs 23-9: do not speak in the ears of the fool, because he will not hear the prudence of your reasons

Go do ur speeches in a church. Not here!!!!!!!


im not christian. stop shoving religion down my throat before I report you


guys a TheFearless pretty good player




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They boutta be divorced also yes hallie and Emeron r the same person


Can I join the business? You dont have to pay me. 

 You can have N1 News


word. This was gonna be the banner for all N1 News, but I got about 3 others I built. I'm all about immersive marketing & branding if you haven't noticed :)

or would you prefer Daily Discord.

maybe both lol

lol what the

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u guys forgot me and TU u evil did u guys even care i honestly thing nobody does :((((((( a guy named fearless asked me to join the The Underrated. is that you?

yes i am fearless!

I’ve been waiting for your return! NU absorbed us in your absence, and we have no voice in their council. Havoc claimed reign over TU. Is this true?

yes but i want it back now pls

Good night

My first 4K Video

Thats shit bitch

Your so mean. It's great drago


Your shit you bitch.




I mean I dont like shit but creating it for people is fun

You give cum away? You must live on ohio bro

count all the bad words you said in itch

Uhm you can do that for me if you really want the answer lol


Awesome, my friend!

Also, may Greyhowl burn in the very pits of hell for saying that bologna.

The 4K looks great!



Why would we join u when u r being so mean

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Oh Im sorry I though you guys wanted to like kill me like spawn kill me idk though

I'm not joining u

But I would

ok do it then?

Breh, go get your friends to join that god-awful code.

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Since you say you have sooo many.

How to beat the shit out of GayBoi, Gayvoc and that other Gay bitch

Why u be mean to bowboi havoc and the other guy

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They bully people, and see themselves above others. btw do you do archery irl?

what does btw and irl mean

Btw = By the way.

IRL = In real life.

thx havoc

I do? Wow you dont know me so well GayBoi :)


Calling someone a name is not nice


Guess who doesn't give two fucks, me. Tell that to them while your at it

GayLow you betta leave itch or take back your harmful words >:)

Uhm Im not doing any one of those GayKing. So get used to it

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No I don't bowboi

Cause they started it. But whatever

Uhuh, yeah, we started it.

Yes you did :P

No we didn't :P

heheh. you wish.

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You could easily do it...

In your dreams.

But I did in N1, huh now its Real life next :P

Uh oh

shut the fuck up

I will when you grow up Loser

Your parents probably don't love you anyway. If your religion has something like hell. For sure ur going their

that's where they are right now.

I know how to make any hell feel like home. I wouldnt bother going there haha

lol what about u lol I think saying others bitch or shit is not good ,atleast not right

dont listen to this idiot, Low is just a jerk and rly mean


lol LOW is it‘s name

LOWly piece of crap

ya right

Ur name fits u, u r literally soooo low in life by trying to pull others down not realising that ur at the bottom of the pit, mate.


Uhm ok am I to feel bad for those people who I bring down? Lmao like I care if Im at the bottom.


Shut up, son of bitch. If we are gay what's your problem? It starts to look like you are the one who is gay. And now I want to call you all the bad words in one sentence

"Now I want to call you all the bad words in one sentence" No ones holding you back from doing that luv

get ready then

Uhm ok, I want to see this. I am ready for your sentence haha

how to use melee wepon?

equip it in shop and click q or use scroll wheel

on mobile there is a button to swap

q or scroll


ya on mouse

ye on mouse


what a weird catchphrase you picked up


what the fuck happened 💀💀💀💀💀💀

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yea . . . 

it's kits' fault mostly kill her or smth . . .

i feel so bad fr

it's ok as long you were joking

omg i feel so bad

it's fine you actually didn't cause this lol it's was more like me letting my joke grow outta control




Its all Bowbois fault he talks to you then asks why your talking to him then gets angry and leaves then when someone comes in to help him he comes in and stabs them like gangbanging them

more like the other way around.

What no, Im not the one who says "I wasn't talking to you anyway" LMAO

What no, Im not the one who says "I wasn't talking to you anyway" LMAO




NFGV join llol

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I.. I'm sorry, my friends. The whole reason itch was messed up today with all this crap about the Gays, the Holy Bible, weird pictures I made, people being idiots.. It's all my fault. I just HAD to post to Kitss' comment.

I then just escalated it instead of ending it, nipping it in the bud. This caused Sir Dumb, Aussua, Kitss, Low, and everybody else, including me, to just go in an entire weirdo frenzy. This could've just been a normal, fun day for us all, with the occasional code, some nice matches, all of that good jazz...

To get to the point, I'm an idiot, and I am so, very sorry!

Thank you for reading..

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nah it was fun see people desperately try hurt me emotionally and fail and it's fine

(plus, i'm basically the one who  propogated this without knowing)


It's fine

its ok

Thank You reading is all I got lol I didnt read it, Im not gonna waste my time on trash. :P

Eh, sounds about right.

Hey you wanna get rid of low? I wanna use my evil side . . . hehehe . . . hahahahahhaha . . . 

Sure... heheheheheheh... HahahahahahahaHAHAHAHA *cough cough* HAHAHAHAHAHaaaa..

alr, i gotta work rn, but we should find her offensive posts (with language, etc) and report them later.


War is on itch.

I guess.

havoc, can you play? i got some time and a need for a break.

Sure, I can play


u make it?

alright, 3M9Z


qui parle le français 🇫🇷


(a little bit)

Moi. J'habite en France

moi aussi 




c r i n g e

Aussua? On Ansys most resent video, u were in it according to him. Is it true?


Omg drago replied



I was gonna say that

It is true, I am an evangelical Christian, a servant of the most high god and the evangelical Christian religion is very interesting, maybe it is not for the majority of the world... BUT WHY DO YOU THINK THAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR CHRISTIANITY! WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CHOSE TO DIE RATHER THAN DENY THE NAME OF THE TRUE AND MOST HIGH GOD! WHY DO YOU THINK I AM DEFENDING THE TRUTH! I WILL TELL YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN A FEW YEARS, MAYBE MONTHS OR WEEKS! THE BIBLE SAYS! There will be a world president who will bring "peace and calm to the world", but after 3 and a half years he will order a persecution against Christians, to kill them, and anyone who does not want to be marked by the number 666 will be executed... but he will go to heaven, if someone allows himself to be marked by 666...he will bear the wrath of God...for another 3 and a half years the persecution will continue...and then God will come down to look for those who survived in those 7 years ...and he will reign on earth for 1000 which there will be no sin because god will bind the devil...then god will release him and after he deceives the nations,(the devil) will bring sodom and gomorrah to the last battle with the beast, and god will destroy them with the word of his mouth... To avoid the great tribulation they must believe that Christ died for their sins and give him their heart (spiritually speaking) and in those 7 years Christians who gave their hearts to him, you will live with him in heaven and God will crown them if they were faithful to him... Please believe nme, I don't want them to suffer 7 years of torment... and in case they do suffer... don't let themselves be marked by 666... they would rather die than let themselves be marked...

I have nothing against with your religion.

I know, but even if you have nothing against it, if you don't give your heart to Jesus and believe that he died for your sins, you will go to hell, eternal damnation in a lake of fire and brimstone for all eternity.

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how do you know? don't shove your religion down my throat

Im not christian. i've said this so many times.


this is itch not online church

I don't care about that, an evangelical Christian should preach the Bible wherever and whenever he can

welp its fine if u belive in  it as long as u dont shove it down someone elses throat

I do not put it down my throat, I simply pray that they listen to me, not to me, but to Jesus

He meant u shoving it down others throat

and I don't think so, I know

then gib proof

honey poopoo this is itch not online church 

I don't care about that, an evangelical Christian should preach the Bible wherever and whenever he can

that sentence gave me a ra ra rasputin earworm



Religion-ism you are a religion-ist

dude just because people aren't christian or are in another religion does not mean you should shove your religion and the bible in their faces


no comment

My dude is goin' fruit hunting



itch is kinda getting wierd. a bunch of new people talking about gayness. and clint saying that christianity is better. but theirs nothing interesting  that fucking religion. plus not all people are christian. so people stop being total gay btches before i leave itch. 

I'm not christian

how about clint? all this wierd fucking stuff about christianity. and hes starting to spam a long message everyday.

idk man

Ok, yes they are strange... but true

Hey, no offense, but I say no religion is right or wrong, even my religion - hinduism is not right or wrong. After all, it's all about beliefs.

Never said you were or werent

I know.

Then why did you say that your not Christian if you know.

because why can't i? you know i'm not talking to you, why don't you leave me alone?

I don’t believe in it but my dad keeps shoving it down my throat and from what I’ve seen that’s the it’s way to make someone switch to it

at least you don't get nailed to a giant cross looking at a city


yea guys stop being gay


I'm pointing fingers at YOU, Kitss. You started all this crud.

now ur gay


he ain't why yall tryna ship me and havoc  💀

For real... so weird.

It's a joke lol. I'm not tryin to boat u and havoc

I’ve been shipped loads of time I’ve gotten used to it but all of the “ships” r usually just jokes not actual stuff but ppl got their boundaries and it seems discord ppl are crossing it quite a lotta times

itch is gay

It includes you

And you

discord j better 


Well homoseaxuality is what they want. But a game page is not a place to talk about it-


Is their beliefs. People say their religion is the best

(1 edit)

Agreed. For those guys, keep such opinions to yourself. 

Putting people down because of that causes them to lose their dignity, even if you think it's wrong.

Again this is not a place to talk about LGBTQ+. Try doing that in Discord instead if you know what I mean.

Shine bright like a rainbow 🌈

Chlorophyll gives plants their green color because it does not absorb the green wavelengths of white light. That particular light wavelength is reflected from the plant, so it appears green. Plants that use photosynthesis to make their own food are called autotrophs


Okay? Weird.

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