Greek Temple - New stage, gear and more 🏹

Hello my digital friends,

You might have noticed it already, but a new update appeared in the narrow one universe. Here's what's new:

Temple map

Up in the sky, hidden in the clouds, you'll find the greek style temple with a throne room for the gods. 

We wanted to make a map with a lot of verticality. Jump from roofs, climb ivy, and walk on thin ledges. A map with a lot of possibilities for parkour jumps. My favourite jump can be done from the spawn building. Go up the stairs after spawning, walk up to the ledge, from here you can jump all the way up to the centre building. Im sure there are many more shortcuts to be found. 

temple map screenshot

After years of in-depth research (one youtube poll) we concluded that towers is the most popular map, and so, it was a logical step to make a map inspired by towers. Can you see the resemblance?temple map screenshot2

The entrances are guarded by statues. Feel free to roleplay as a statue, the gear is available in the store

temple map screenshot throne room

The centre room of the map, big thrones of the gods. Nothing to see here, move along. 

temple map gif

Here is the topview of the map, the map seems to be very simple from here doesn’t it? 

Did you get onto all the rooftops already? 

Climb around the ivy.

Try jumping from the spawn building to the centre one, its fun. 

What about some easter egg hunting? Eat your vitamins 

temple map screenshot TOP VIEW

New gear

What is a Narrow One update without new gear.  This time it's golden stuff.

See the list below for all the items. 

new golden gear

  • Owl Warrior (helmet, body, gloves, leg guard, Arm guard)
  • Winged Warrior (helmet, body, shoes)
  • Zeus (beard with Wreath, toga, leg guard, sandals, wrist brace, upper arm brace)
  • Separate items (Oak Wreath, beard with golden beads)
  • bow skin every bow (golden handle, golden bow tip)

Loading time improvements 

We made a lot of improvements to the way the game is loaded the first time you play the game. Normally maps are about 2MB, which takes a while to download. So in this update we first load a very tiny map, which is only a few kB. This takes much less time to download, so you can start running around much sooner than if you had to wait for the big maps. And while you are doing so, we can load the actual map in the background. Making sure the map loads correctly in the background took a lot of work, but we're already seeing a significant improvment in how long players are waiting for a loading screen. And as a result, much more players actually end up playing the game, rather than closing it before it gets a chance to load.


We also made some improvements to load times overall. The game was doing a lot of work that either didn't need to be done, or could have been done a lot later. For example, in the previous version the maps wouldn't start downloading until all the code of the game was downloaded first. Essentially causing loading to take twice as long. In this update, the maps are being loaded at the same time as all the code. This ensures that the maps are ready at the same time as the code, so you don't have to wait as long.
The game was also downloading all of your skins, even though you have no way to look at them when the map hasn't loaded yet. So in this update, skins are downloaded all the way at the end when everything else has loaded first, giving your computer an opportunity to load the maps faster.

Merge glitch

For a few days we had a glitch, that was triggered by disconnecting your wifi in the middle of loading. This caused for many interesting combinations. To the people who really enjoyed playing around with this glitch, unfortunately we had to fix this, because it seem to also happen to players who tried to play the game as intended. Here are some of the results of the few days of fun: 


(Screenshots by, The King, spryte, Sir Dumb)



The first official Narrow one tournament took place, and congrats to the winner of the tournament Platon. You now have the bragging rights and will receive the winnercup bow skin to help you show off. From now on everyone has to do a mandatory bow to Platon when they see him walk around. 

Also congrats to 2nd place Snadow Blackmill  (5000 coins )and 3rd place BowToDaKing  (2500 coins).  

Also a thanks to Bluey and Kitsune for hosting the tournament. 

If you missed out on this tournament, don’t worry we will definitely do more tournaments. Hope you get to participate in the next one. 

Rewarded ads

The amount of shop items grew a lot over the past year, so we added a new button that would take you faster to rewarded shop items. For new players this is a quick way to get a cool look, and get rid of the default skin.  And also people clicking these buttons is good for us financially.  We are planning to do some more improvements in the way the bought items are displayed. 


Health bar

The health bar got a small update, displaying your current team color. When you get it, it shows a white bar the tells you how much damage is absorbed by your armor. Gear with more armor stats will absorb more damage, check it out. And most important of all, the heart starts beating when the health gets low. 


Thats about it, we probably fixed some more bugs along the way. What will be next for Narrow One you ask? 

Hopefully a xmas themed map. 🎅 

Besides that, please vote on our discord, it will help us work on what you want to see next in the game.

Thanks for reading!


Pelican Party


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really good map


I am the best of this game


I am asking again, is it possible to download the game on iPad?

there’s a web app but that’s it


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“ we probably fixed some more bugs along the way.” Probably?


so great

wow so great !!!!

As an xmas map maybe the north pole? Thank you for this cool update and yeah, i think towers is just the favourite map :) and i like the parcour possibilities, thanks

great update the map and gear looks soooooo goood

Wow...The Sprites, Animations, everything...Give a big round of applause to Pelican Party!! Btw, remember when you guys did the voting for new map thing on Discord and Jungles Map won. Can you do the same thing with same maps also on youtube and itch without the Jungle Map? 

thank you for everything ! this map is really cool! and the new equipment too!


sick update ;) I like it


Can't wait to get my hands on that sweeet gear...

thanks snadow 




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Also, very nice map. Again perfection has been achieved…

…until the next update!!!

thank you archer

Maybe the next April’s Fools would be the combined map glitch?


:o THAT Would be fun lol


Awesome stuff! Maybe I'll get to check it out today if I'm lucky.

You guys make better stuff every time! 😊


gear is expensive 😔, but I can buy it. But I wonder if you could estimate when swords and sword skins would come out cause I want to buy fearless sword (by the way, how much would that cost?)i can’t decide what to do! And sorry for the abrupt and plentiful comments it’s because I can’t write at other times

Yeah the golden stuff is quite expensive. Sorry I do not know how much swords will be, it’s too early to say. We haven’t started development of melee yet. Maybe it will be the next update? 

also, how do you download the app on iPad??? Pls I want to know. Just tell me and I’ll try it.

love the update

 But I want Christmas update more. If you make it can it also come with buyable gear? Anyway, great vibe for the new map, love the the statues. 

Thanks! More Xmas stuff coming soon


yeah u all have to bow to me when u see me walking around


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Never in a billion years

but the devs said u have to, its a must

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Never said I have to




bRaGiNg RiGhTS aDmEndmeNt, iT'S dIvIne RulE

nah man

the only person imma bow to is our true lord and saviour kiju

and me

lol ok. I forgot to do in that one game we played. (i didn't know we had to) Kind of suprising.

Deleted 1 year ago


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