New map - NarrowRuins & character model update

New Map - NarrowRuins:

Today we added a new map to the game, the 5th map. This one is quite different from the other maps we did before. 

You spawn on boats and climb up the cliffs to fight on between the ruins of a previous battleground . The islands are connected by a big old bridge. There are some hidden paths and jumps in this map that requires some precision jumps, if you fall in the water you'll drown. 

New character model:

We also worked on reworking the character model. We plan to add a shop with different skins, and this required us to redo the character. The proportions of the character are a little less cartoony and he now has a face underneath the helmet. In the future, you will be able to run around helmless to show off that sweet sweet beard of yours!

New character Model T pose

New face

Hope you like it!


Pelican Party Studios


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The new map and character models are really cool! I miss the old way the bows worked though, I preferred being able to release the arrow whenever I wanted rather than having to always do the full pull back.


You can change the behaviour of the bow in settings. We wanted to try this for a bit but I think we'll only enable this by default for mobile devices.


Lol should have checked there, thanks! Keep it up with this amazing game!

Hey Jespertheend are you Jesper van den Ende?

damn, netherlands really is making kinda fun of the german language, at least from the german perspective

but yes, he seems to be, but this was his last comment on this account

Oh. I've waited 4 months dude, 4 MONTHS