Character animations & customization update

We are working towards a functioning shop in Narrow.One and here are our first steps towards that.

Previously the character was basically 3 separate models pre-posed and this was a good moment to redo the character.

Animations & poses improvements:

Animation update


We decided to put some more work into the animation/poses of the characters. It's now possible to see other players charge their bow. This really helps with anticipating enemy fire and makes the game feel much more polished overall. We choose not to use blendshapes in narrow one because they can't be compressed, and we try to keep the download as small as possible. So we still have to come up with a clever way to make the string of the bow go backwards without putting in too much effort, but we postpone this for a little bit. 

Each weapon has specific poses for walking, charging, and shooting.



sniper bow

mini crossbow aiming

aiming regular bow

Eventually, we want to polish some other animation like jumping and falling. future stuff.


The character is now rigged and we are able to replace body parts with different models. The skins will eventually be linked to an in-game currency that can be earned by playing the game. But for now, we added a few basic skins for testing and to let people get used to the shop. The basic skins are already unlocked.  We split the customization into a few parts: face, body, arms, hand, legs, feet, and quiver. Some items take up multiple slots, like boots, because they cover the feet and leg. And most importantly we also added underwear to the character!!!! This will show up when nothing in the body slot is equipped.

shop 1

shop 2

shop 3

shop icon

The shop can be opened by pressing this button. The shop button is quite hidden because we are still working on it. This will be more prominently displayed once we are done with accounts. 

Hope you like the update and can find some goofy clothing combinations that will fit your style.

Up next, accounts, adding a currency to the game, more clothing.  We also started working on a new map.


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this is the update when i found the. game

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I found the game when the Village map was released and I joined in the ancient Egyptian update 

damn, youre old

In Narrow One, yes. In real physical life, no 



I found the game when the HALLS map was released

Oh. Nice

me too

Is there any 3d character models, i just want to animate my character in blender



u said that 5 days ago!?!?!?